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Free Canada wide shipping on all orders over $200!

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder (Quarter Century Secret Rare) (BLMR-EN084) 1st Edition [Battles of Legend: Monstrous Revenge]

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3000 / 3000
2 Level 12 monsters
Once per turn, if an Xyz Monster battled this turn, you can also Xyz Summon "Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder" by using 1 Xyz Monster you control as material. (Transfer its materials to this card.) (Quick Effect): You can detach 2 materials from this card; send all other cards from the field to the GY. Once per turn, if another card(s) you control is destroyed by battle or an opponent's card effect: You can attach 1 card from your hand, Deck, or Extra Deck to this card as material.